Dave Gilpin’s Video Blog – 19 Sept 08

This week Dave Gilpin celebrates after a fantastic weekend with Ps Mike Murphy from Shirelive church in Sydney as well as the completion of ‘Phase One’ of the new Sheffield Auditorium. It’s the start of a new season and nothing is going to bring his confidence down from soaring through heights he has never flown in before.

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  1. You ARE a great visionary Dave & we love you for it!!! Don’t you dare come down from that vantage point you have in God! Love the vision – ready for 2012 & all the steps on the way there…. you are a hero! Can I please have a mind map (did you draw that? Maybe not, cos it makes sense! It’s amazing!)

  2. Thanks Karen! I have drawn the mind map – you’ll have to have a look next time you are over in Sheffield.
    Congrats again on the 5 year Birthday of Hope City Liverpool. You guys are heroes!

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