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  1. Any progress on getting the Mind Map drawing in print along with your book. The blog is really great, it gives an insight into the man behind the message. Keep it coming.

  2. Hi Dave,

    I love your website! Really great work and really encouraging. God has really been onto me about creativity and innovation so this is a great website to get me even more inspired! Mark is away at the moment and I am preaching this weekend, took a quick break and had a look at your site.

    Thanks and well done!

    Love to Jen as well ok!


    IRCC – Ipswich Australia

  3. Hi Craig!
    Who needs Mark anyway! You are the man Craig – gradually start putting your stuff on Mark’s desk so that he gets the subtle hint that thinks are going to be changing from now on. I hope everything is going great. Somewhere in your building is my resources – so thanks for looking after them!
    How is your wife’s business venture coming along?

  4. Terry – I am trying to get somebody to take the whole Mind Map project and to print it comercially. I have a vision of every student having it above their bed and meditating on it day and night!
    Great to have you back in church life Terry… and great to see Harry too. He’s brilliant.

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