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  1. Devoted is awesome and being played in Hope Church Maesteg! (Maesteg is more of a town than a city – although we were temped to slightly altered our name as we had a few free pens at the fabulous conference.)

  2. @ Rob Very observant of you… when you have an autistic strand through your personality you have all your CD’s arranged according to the colours of the rainbow and all your books in assending hieght and thinckness order…

    @ Claire! It was great to have you guys with us at Fabulous Confernece! You guys are heroes. I am only sorry that we didn’t get to spend more time with you while you were here. I hope you enjoyed it.
    Glad you are enjoying the Devoted album! tell all your friends about it!
    Have a great Christmas and fantastic start to 2009!

  3. The song in the preview is ANOINTED. Ryan sings it so well. There is such a lovely tone in his voice. I will be ordering it immediately!

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