Captain Strangeways!

I really enjoy Christmas each year, but I have one big problem with getting presents – they sit there looking brand new and sparkly in a little pile saying read me, charge me up, upload me, look at me and use me……. and every year it secretly drives me a little crazy.

So this year, I decided to not make a little pile out of my presents, but instead to quickly put everything away to where it would all eventually belong! Wow – did I feel better for it! It’s only when I open certain drawers does an object recently required go ‘I’ve got instructions for you to read!’ Only rarely does one of my little book presents in the corner of the shelf call out to me say ‘only 346 pages to go!’.

Yes, I’ve mastered my environment! As a preacher, I should now get a spiritual truth out of my natural drama! But I refuse! With all my might, I will not become that man who needs to spiritualize to become complete!

So that’s my story. Bye!

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