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  1. Hey! Thanks, Dave! bLink was fantastic for us! It was so useful for us and where we’re at right now. Great inspiration and practical help to enable us to go ahead as we need to. Plus, the atmosphere was just great to be in. We felt really at home. Thanks for making us so welcome and allowing us to mix with people who’ve gone ahead of us. Loved it, really loved it. Gilpins are great!

  2. David Stonner! Glad you enjoyed it! We loved having you and Lisa there. A daring pioneer spirit has accomplished much in the past and we expect nothing less to happen in your neck of the woods as a result of the Stonners! Keep in touch with what’s happening in your church. We are huge fans of yours, we believe in you and what you are doing big time! DAVE

  3. Is that software on the mac Final Cut or iMovie or something?

    I love the videos you guys make!

    You got some good cameras too?


  4. Dear Matt,
    Thanks for the compliment!
    Yes we use Final Cut Studio to edit our videos, however most video editing programs have the same core and we’ve previously used Adobe Premiere Elements. Dave uses a bog standard personal handycam to film most of his blog, and we use a Sony HVR A1E to film the more complicated videos.
    Hope that helps!

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