Great British Churches

Great British Churches

In May 2011 Great British Churches was introduced by myself, John Greenow from Xcel Church in Newton Aycliffe and Chris Denham from Hope City Church in Leeds with a heart to come alongside churches across Britain to encourage, resource, train and empower leaders as they build and establish nation impacting churches.

From the outset, Great British Churches is not about what you can do for it, but what it can do for you. Sure – it’s an uniting together of like minded and like hearted people to be a part of a 21st century movement, but its entire focus is to celebrate, strengthen and honour both the leadership and the churches of the Great British Isles and beyond.This is beyond a network and different from a denomination. It’s a celebration of leaders, ideas, operations, people and spirit. Our end game is to see churches strengthened, churches multiplied and church leaders arise for the greatest church era our Nation has ever seen.

I’m not itching to create another denominational constitution and I’m not scratching to fill in some unused blocks of time. I’m earnest in finding a route that can both use the many network resources already allocated across this Nation AND provide a place of real championing, real celebration and real honour of all the heroes of the faith who are currently forging a pathway of salvation in their assigned neck of the proverbial woods.

As with all of us, my heart is racing to see a whole new group of young leaders emerge who don’t just give it a go but are trained and equipped to give it a GREAT go, spilling the Church out into the Nation through multi sites, ministries and missions.

This is our season. This is our moment. This is ours for the taking.

For more from the Great British Churches team, information about events coming up, how to become a Friends of GBC and loads more log onto

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  1. My church is also a great one… It’s Cambridge Community Church, where I am sure you have been a visiting speaker. Steve Campbell has been building up a network of churches as well; it’s called ‘The Journey’. And a year and a half ago they started a ‘School of Theology’… 🙂
    (I got to this via an advert of a C3 church in Amsterdam and then looking through the friends of the pastor’s wife, on Facebook…)
    P.S. Don’t tell Steve Campbell that I sent this message… Please don’t!!!

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