In all of our lives from the moment we were born, there’s been The Scarlet Cord of God’s faithfulness running alongside us, swooping into our future. It’s been there in the euphoric times knowing that you’d need a companion when the music fades, and it’s been there in troubled times knowing that you’ll need someone to turn your test into a testimony of God’s grace and power. It’s even there when we’re unfaithful, because God always remains faithful.

The cord, the one that Rahab tied to her window in Jericho that prevented her part of the wall from tumbling down, needs to be tied to the window of your heart to see all God has prepared for you come to pass. It needs to not run beside us but run into us and through us. It’s by faith that we enter into grace.
This is Dave and Jen’s story of God’s amazing faithfulness since arriving in England 25 years ago. It’s a short film. By faith they took ahold of the Cord and have not let it go. It’s direction? Fruitfulness. And it’s the same for you.