The Kingdom of God is like SLOW TV- it’s like 7 hours 23 minutes of Salmon fishing in Norway on NETFLIX. Even the analogy Jesus gave of seeds being planted is all SLOW SLOW SLOW. And that’s the same for every one AND every church everywhere. We grow slow, church goes slow and we all go slow even when we think we’re all going fast.

Almost every bad leadership decision happens by ditching slow and trying to speed things up through raising people up far too early, raising completely the wrong people up, being too authoritative, giving stern ultimatums and creating a fear driven environment…. all understandable, yet completely devastating by sending the church backwards instead of leading it forwards.

WHY IS IT ALL SO SLOW? Because SLOW AND STEADY beats FAST AND ERATIC every time. SLOW AND THOUGHTFUL decisions are always better than TOO FAST AND EMOTIONAL decisions. SLOW AND PERMANENT change is better that QUICK THEN REVERSIBLE change.

BUILD SLOW PEOPLE THAT KEEP MOVING IN WINTER, NEVER STOP SOWING IN AUTUMN, NEVER PULL UP IN SUMMER AND NEVER CEASE TO GROW IN SPRING. For within them lies the secret of the Kingdom of God. The Tortoise beats the Hare every time.

If you’re continually thinking ‘why is God so late at coming through?’ think again. His timing is actually perfect. It’s just that He knows more than you. That’s all. YOU WANT THINGS FASTER? Love SLOW a little bit more.