Perfectionism: Therapy Time

You’re either really really tidy or really really messy!! You either pray a lot or don’t pray at all; and when you do pray, your first words aren’t ‘praise you’ they’re ‘I’m sorry’. These are all indications that you may be carrying a virus called Perfectionism. It’s a form of self harm that afflicts 90% of the population. It results in huge guilt, self rejection, an inability to raise a team and a propensity to quit and quit for good.

God’s vision for you is not perfection. It’s less than that. It’s excellence. Recorded at Hope City Sheffield, this message will both deliver you and reset you for an easier, more productive future.

Audio Podcast:

Dave Gilpin (From the Vault)
Dave Gilpin (From the Vault)
Perfectionism: Therapy Time

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