No One Starts with a Dream Team

No One Starts with a Dream Team

Everyone starts with a BORROWED TEAM. It looks like your team- they’re committed, they’re strong, they’re experienced- but they’re not yours. Someone else formed them. Within 6-12 months they will each give valid excuses and leave. They were there to help you launch the vision, not see it through.
You’re now left with practically NO TEAM.
This is where you learn the power of one- one person with one faith in one God can move mountains- plus move heaven and hell to get all the work done. Through it all, you actually become a less needy and more secure person. And that’s important for everyone.
The second team you create is a SCAFFOLD TEAM. They’ve volunteered, yet you don’t know much about them. You can’t quite see through them and they often blow hot and cold. Some quit easily, some almost always turn up late, some actually turn on you, yet quite a few do amazingly well. It’s here you learn about love. Many arrive awkward and different, but your love believes. Those who get beyond their own insecurities and open up to feedback, find themselves part of the FOUNDATION TEAM.
Here it’s high spirits, high family and high spirituality. Except Jules can’t sing and Mike can’t do the books. It’s up to you the leader to patiently re-work this malfunction by finding round pegs for round holes and square pegs for square holes. If you can accomplish this, you’ve got yourself a DREAM TEAM. And that’s how it stays until a dream team member hives off to replicate this whole process in some other place. Then it’s back to borrowing someone for a bit.

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