Every LEADER needs three types of people to fulfil their cause: Armour Bearers, Assistants and Associates.
The role of an ARMOUR BEARER is to be an echo to the leader’s voice, share the weight and lift the hands.
The role of an ASSISTANT is to deepen the voice, distribute the weight and stretch the hands.
The role of ASSOCIATE is to widen the voice with other voices, take on more weight and multiply the hands.
Competency problems and relational challenges come when Armour Bearers think that they’re Associates and start wielding the axe of authority, and when Assistants behave like Armour Bearers and start neglecting their own authority.
(In music terms, if Ringo always wants to be Paul and George is tired of being George and wants to be Ringo, it’s going to be more bedlam than beatles.) #Leadership#RingoBeRingo