From Ground Zero To Lift Off

Dave Gilpin’s real life diary charts the course that took Hope City Church, still reeling from a conflict that saw many people leave and their nearby satellite Church part company, into a new season of amazing growth and vitality.

With regular installments and a 2009 update, ‘Ground Zero to Lift Off’ will encourage everyone who, through their courage and determination in God, decide to confront the issues that inhibit the health and growth of their Church.


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  1. I have just finished reading your diary this morning and it was AMAZING !!!!!!!
    Very Inspirational and EYE Opening !!!
    WHOA.. people always want to be like you and Jenny – I pray that they read what you have had to go through before they envy your anointing which you have gained through your trials. And it would remind people not to mess with God’s called and chosen !!
    Amazing diary !
    Thanks Pastor D for letting us have a glimpse of it all !!

  2. Thanks a lot Ronia!

    My diary is there not to whinge about the past but instead to show the begining of what we are experiencing right now. Everything starts with a first step and the diary is our first steps into the victories we now possess.

    We love you loads Ronia,

  3. Wow, really amazing insight into what it was like in the early days! It’s encouraging to see what you have battled through to get to where you are today.

    Thanks! 🙂


  4. ah, Im glued to the computer screen with half an hour to go till lectures!! its such an interesting account!! compared to alot of ppl at hope city i am new, so to see what the previous years have contained for my leaders is incredible!
    its so easy to take for granted what hope city is like now in a season of blessing, but there has been so many adaptations, changes and trials for you guys. i love the fact that its honest and i can see that the things talked about today at church are results of years of personal revelations!
    i feel blessed to have such trustworthy and vision filled leaders!


  5. Hi Chaz! So appreciate your comments and enthusiasm. Good on you for squeezing all the minutes out of your day!
    It’s great to have you a part of Hope City Church!

  6. I came across this incredible Diary report. I was glued to the computer, missing my lunch time. I had to read it and I can understand the heartache, challenge and surprise exits of people. The word ‘Loyalty’ is so hard to find. Marriages, work, volunteers and even in churches. It goes on and on.

    Just now I am reading the book ‘The unstoppable Church’ by David Shearman. On page 138 he says: ‘If you don’t belong you can’t stay, and if you belong you can’t leave’. Wow.

    Life is a battle, the only good thing is that one comes out STRONGER.

    Be blessed

    Beat (Stoke on Trent)

    PS Bill Johnson said: The harvest is ready, not in four months time. It is all up to us and be so close to God, where there is no room for fear. Lets go out and reap the harvest, heal the sick.

  7. Dave you have no idea how this diary has and still is encournig me .my hubby and i pastor a church on the Gold Coast and ithas been a huge 18mths we started a church plant 3 1/2 yrs ago and after a year my hubby had a major head on smash on his harley ,leavining him out of the bal ggame for about a year ,we had people leave ,leaders leave ,people come and go again… we stiill no we have a long way to go yet we know God has tolsd us no matter how desolate it looks we are to keep on going ….tahnk you so much for your amazing transparency ..your wife also spoke at one of our acc womens leaders mornings last year and also spoke to my heart bless you mate …iam actually from liverpool ,but married an aussie and we moved to oz ….

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