Sacred Cows Make Great BBQ’s E-Book Taster

Dave Gilpin has discovered that when he’s going through troubled times the one set of footprints in the sand the ‘one set of footprints’ in the sand are not the foot prints of Jesus but his own size 10’s. Someone’s telling porkies! God wants to create strong champions not needy children. Since then Dave has discovered other sacred cows grazing in the fields of our faith.

Sacred Cows Make Great BBQ’s has been written to release you from the burdens and pressures that these cows radiate and leave you feeling great… and challenged to change your world. This brand new title ‘Sacred Cows Make Great BBQ’s’ is launching early 2010 with Authentic Media.


Check out the Hope City Shop to pre order your copy of the book due to be released early 2010 as well as other resources from Dave Gilpin.

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  1. This is awesome – and exactly what both Christianity in general and especially in Europe needs. I totally love your perspective on things Dave, and look forward to the release of the book! My personal question is – how to get the cow on the BBQ without frying everyone who so dearly holds on to the “cute lovely” cow…?! I don’t expect an answer… but pondering…. yeah…

  2. looking forward to it, just got to say that your story yesterday was incredible. the bit about praying for shoes but the holy spirit changing the prayer was spot on!

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