ADHA E-Book Taster

This fantastic e-book is from the personal journey of Dave Gilpin, revealing that what the world might see as a deficiency may actually be your greatest asset! He’s even drawn some fun doodles to illustrate his point!

ADHA is written from Dave Gilpin’s personal experience of learning to turn what has previously been known as a weakness (ADHD) into a strength which has enabled him to juggle numerous projects and build a thriving multi congergational church based in England, UK. Dave recognises that everyone has quirks and character traits which have to be honed to produce something of value and worth. This e-book will inspire anyone who has struggled with or who lives with relatives with personality gifts such as ADD or ADHD. It’s time you turned your weaknesses into strengths.

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  1. Hi Dave – this ebook is amazing. It’s me!! I am in the process of discovering that I have been ADHA for almost all my life and nobody ever knew – I just thought I was weird, but almost all the stuff you did as a teen, I did, right down to wearing two pairs of thick trousers in the African summer to hide my thin legs. This was SO helpful. You are a blessing man, and the folk here are still loving Mind Map.

  2. Paddy! That’s amazing!! I’ll be looking out for a 2nd pair of trousers popping out of your trouser leg next time I see you!
    Great to hear your church is getting behind MindMap. I hope it’s a huge blessing!

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