May 2009

I’d Rather Be An Artist Than An Art Critic

Dave shares some of the wisdom of his recent messages preached at Hope City Church. From vision to practical issues, the weekly blog will keep you in touch with all that’s going on in Dave’s mind.

Fly On The Wall – Mr Fix It

After last weeks debate on the future blogging style of Dave’s videos, some of his team have been reassembled for the latest Hope City Office dilemma based on the cost of employing heart before skill. This time it is in the case of our maintenance team. We do appreciate them and want to publically thank them for all their hard work!

Dave Gilpin’s Blog

I’m so looking forward to having you all at the BLink Leadership Summit in only a short time now! For so many, it’s the best thing they go to because it’s one of the rare round table conferences that looks at the engine room of church life in the company of pastors and their core tem only – book in today – you’ll love it!!

Fly on the Wall – Future Blogging…

Dave and some of his team have try and work out the future of his video blog… Should it be short insights into Dave’s lastet revelations and thoughts on church life or a live look into the workings of Hope City Church? Amuzing and at times ironic. If you have any thoughts on the matter – let us know…