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  1. Dave, this video is amazing. My sides literally hurt from laughing so much, I absolutely love it. It provides a great insight into what goes on in your mind. I love the informal approach, and when Roger stuck out his tongue and you ridiculed him for it, well I want to see more of that, not Roger’s tongue, but you just bantering with your staff.

    Last weeks video by the way was great as well and I have to hand it to Andy for some amazing camera work. Its like the constant movement of the camera, zooming in and out is a reflection of the rapid pace your mind seems to work at.

    Love what you’re doing and looking forward to next week’s video

    James Earnshaw

  2. hmmm, panic stations. Do we have a small button for when Dave can’t see me in mega.

    Loved the video, Bizarre, funny, strange that theres so much love for the toolbelt….

  3. Hi James! Looks like you will be seeing plenty more of Roger now! You got what you asked for! Keep up all you are doing in Liverpool. We appreciate you heaps.

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