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  1. Hey, Dave! Personally, I’m with Emma on this one, mostly. In terms of the video blog, I tend to watch it when it’s an insight into church life or maybe something more personal than points from your Sunday message. I’ll pick up text articles for stuff like that. I guess as a leader I’m looking to get an insight into you as one and how you personally go about leading. (Plus, I find it a bit more entertaining :-))


  2. Justin and David!
    You win! I’m going to do both styles. Keep the feedback or suggestions coming.
    I just filmed the next one – it will be on in the next couple of days.

  3. Hi Pastor D…

    I am with Joe Dunys on this one actually. A blog is for people to actually get to know you better and have a snippet into your world ie) when you sppoke about how you felt about Devoted or when you spoke about going away on holiday with Pastor Jenny etc….
    Thats what people want to find out and see ( well this will be mainly for HCC family).
    for other Pastors maybe they might want to know what you been preaching about too.
    I agree also with Sarah Dunys.. short and sweet blogs will get people coming back again.. so 5 mins or less… will be ideal.
    Hope this helps..
    I love your blogs … keep up the good work 🙂

  4. Nice vid content Dave – love the new style.

    Tried video om my blog a while back, but stopped cos I was lonley and felt a bit Pretentious.

    Keep up the innovation!

  5. For the record… when we had that conversation I was commenting on the fact you kept apologising on your blog for getting a bit preachy! I was simply suggesting you don’t worry about providing good content. I also said you should video Max 5mins… I think about 3mins is the best as I never watch more than that… all that is important is content so whether that’s a thought in your head or a trip through some offices – it’s all GOOD! Bless ya! C

  6. Definitely mix it up Dave. Would be great to have a whole lot of different stuff on there. Short snippets from your Tuesday pastors’ meeting, general staff meetings, Sunday preach etc. Would give other leaders an insight on how you interact with your staff as well as how you preach. Keep them short and snappy! Ciao!

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