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Stone Age – The Seven Stages of Destiny

David used a stone. Jesus’ first miracle involved stone. Here’s a story, an analogy, of a singular stone that falls from a cliff near the battlefield of Goliath. Written by Ryan Gilpin, it takes the reader through the seven stages of destiny…

Developing The Leader Within – Dave Gilpin Live

Recorded live at Hope City Sheffield, Dave get’s real about making the most of what resides within the heart and soul of every Christian. It’s time to take the lead. To lead is to influence and within every Christian is the ability to influence the community, family, church and family we are a part of – for Christ.

My Review on Rob Bell’s ‘Love Wins’

Firstly, I need to say that I like Rob Bell. I cried as I turned the empty pages at the close of ‘Drops Like Stars’. He’s a thinker, a lover of people and a Christian leader of our age. It’s this third Characteristic that has led me to write this short article… Rob has a problem that I have also grappled with (and who in their right mind wouldn’t?). How can a good God send good people to Hell forever? When we say ‘good people’, we mean people that work an honest living, raise an honest family and really care for the world around them. Rob’s answer is to adjust the nature of God, adjust the true nature of people and to adjust the means through which we must all come to God.

An Over Excitable Fan…

Recently Premier Christian Radio ran an advertising campaign for Dave Gilpin’s Mind Map which included Giveaways competitions during their breakfast shows. This is an extract of one of the shows announcing to a winner that she would receieve a free copy of the Mind Map Series… She got pretty excited about it!

The Bench – my greatest mistake in ministry was to remove it

Traditionally if you want to mobilise the church, you encourage people to get off the stands and get onto the field – to stop being spectators and start becoming participants of the greatest game in history – the rise of God’s Church in the 21st Century.
Yet, there’s a little place that’s rarely talked about, rarely noticed and rarely appreciated by either players or spectators – it’s called THE BENCH.

I Don’t Have ADHD, I’ve Got ADHA – Gallery

Welcome to Dave Gilpin’s latest doodlings… If you’re looking for wisdom, keep looking – you’ll find some somewhere! They accompany his latest ebook based on his journey of turning his gift of ADHD into an asset that he now refers to as ADHA (Attention Defecit Hyperactivity Asset).

Dave Gilpin tries to make a congratulatory video for the 10th birthday celebrations of Citipointe Church in Brisbane Australia led by Pastors Mark and Leigh Ramsay. If only his staff and ministry duties would give him three little minutes to get on and film it… Here’s his attempt!

HopeCityTV on UCB

Hope City TV has begun airing weekly on UCB TV! The media team has worked hard to produce a cutting edge, creative and powerful half hour programme packed music, fun and quirky slots designed to bring back the power of the Grand Central Station of the Mind otherwise known as your ‘Will’.

Man in the Mirror – Part 2

In Part two of this series Dave Gilpin looks at the importance of developing character by looking at the reflection staring you in the mirror. We spend too much time worrying about others or what we are going to do but neglect to take time to look at what’s going on in our heart and mind.

Dear 2009, I’m Leaving…

A personal letter from Dave Gilpin to 2009! Written at the start of 2010, he’s determined to live in the present – not the past. God’s ‘good perfect and pleasing will’ for this year, not according to last year’s experiences but God’s fresh grace and provision. Here goes…!

The Postal Strike Hits Again (Music Video)

Daves latest preching series called ‘The Postman’ which looks at the Holy Spirit being likened to a postman has come under threat through the lastest postal strikes. Dave understands that some of the post is now being delievered by a white van men right accross the country… So he’s written a song about it… it’s called ‘White Van Man’. It’s all about the Holy Spirit delivering little parcels of faith, hope and love through the letterbox of our hearts!

My God Story – the little beginnings of a faith life!

I admit it – at times I exhibit juvenile behaviour! Christmas has always been a favourite time of mine to relax, step out of the box and do some really silly things. As a minister, you have to be pretty grown up and pretty responsible most of the time, so on Christmas day, for many a year at around 2.30 in the afternoon, myself and my former associate pastor used to start giggling like two naughty school boys as we organised ourselves to make silly calls to members of the congregations who could possibly take a joke!

Live Painting – Social Commentary

Dave Gilpin paints and talks about his changing heart, politicians, Katie Price and the world in which we live.

Fly on the Wall – Editing HopeCityTV

Each week Pastor Dave and some of his team have a live debate on current office dilemma It will give you a real life look in on the staff and workings of Hope City Church? Amusing and hopefully insightful. If you have any thoughts to add to the discussions –

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Live Painting – Introduction

Dave Gilpin paints live and talks about how he started painting and how most people’s paint sets (or gifts) lie in cupboard somewhere in their lives. It’s time to get them out and splash them on the canvas of our lives.