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I See Demons

From the birth of human civilisation until now, if we found anything that represented a threat to us we would quickly demonise it. That’s because demonisation is easy as and quickly unites everyone against an obvious enemy. The problem with this is that people are not demons, sickness is usually

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What you think of me is wrong.

Most of our judgements of others are not right because we are judging each other via snapshot. And a snapshot never tells the truth. If you strip someone from their history, you’ll never see right. If you strip someone of their potential, you’ll always be wrong. We never stand alone.

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You. You are the line between what you accept and what you don’t.

For starters and for all our sakes you need to be MORE agreeable. You need to find more common ground in conversation, on social media, with your parents or in your marriage. It’s a part of growing up. Don’t let the niggles, the extremes and the stupidities of our society

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He’s Only Been Waiting

When you move from pure faith to proof of faith, by stepping out and facing your fears, God moves from His presence to his provision and from the ‘forth dimension’ into the third. He’s only been waiting. What others believe to be true is not what they say but what

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Are you a Late Developer?

Late means there’s was quite a bit of stuff going on before you got to get going in your chosen craft. If you were to draw a picture of your life it would be more like a pyramid with a wide base that took ages to create, rather than a

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How to Stop being a Control Freak

CONTROL FREAKS are just perfectionists who have let their addiction to perfect get the better of them. Yet let’s not pick on them too much- they happily catch planes, trains and automobiles where they are completely out of control! They trust. But it’s not blind trust- it’s track record trust.

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How to be a slightly less Dysfunctional Leader

1- Don’t make final decisions on your own. You’re not great at perspective. You know that. Get some people who aren’t ‘yes men’ who love you, have displayed unconditional love to you and have a gift of discernment. That way you’ll end up looking better than you actually are. ?

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How to work for a Dysfunctional Leader

Dysfunctional leaders regularly move the goalposts. They take your work for granted and explode over the smallest of details. They never complete a vision before moving to the next. They never take blame for their own words and actions and rarely apologise. They love you one day and reject you

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Banter Grows the Church

Banter is the language of a champion team. It always amuses those who listen in. You can tell a great team by the banter that accompanies it. Low banter: weak team. High banter: strong team. Banter is a language that expresses grace, understanding, acceptance, celebration and genuine togetherness. When something

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No One Starts with a Dream Team

Everyone starts with a BORROWED TEAM. It looks like your team- they’re committed, they’re strong, they’re experienced- but they’re not yours. Someone else formed them. Within 6-12 months they will each give valid excuses and leave. They were there to help you launch the vision, not see it through. You’re

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Never Confuse Armour-Bearers with Assistants and Assistants with Associates

Every LEADER needs three types of people to fulfil their cause: Armour Bearers, Assistants and Associates. The role of an ARMOUR BEARER is to be an echo to the leader’s voice, share the weight and lift the hands. The role of an ASSISTANT is to deepen the voice, distribute the

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Middle Child Syndrome – Why People Leave Church

Have you ever seen the comic sketch, ‘The Only Gay in the Village’? This famous Little Britain sketch is one of the most powerful observations of human nature ever to be broadcast on TV. The psychology that surrounds it is one of the biggest reasons why people leave your church

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The Anatomy of Church Growth

‘Healthy things grow’ is a slogan all of us have grown up with and while the gist of it is true, the application of it can get us all caught up in either mild panic or a mire of condemnation. There are two kinds of growing Churches in the world

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14 Reasons Why Churches Grow

Most of us get threatened from time to time over the growth of someone else’s church. To ease the pressure, we often ‘box off’ the other church by labelling it with a connotation that could mean underhanded leadership or easy believerism!

Old Wisdom vs New Wisdom

When you come into leadership, there is plenty of wisdom available though not always necessarily true. Dave Gilpin looks at some commonly known nuggets of wisdom and gets the real truth out of them.